Hi,  I'm Becky and Welcome to Shandilyn's ToyBox Toy Poodle Puppy Questionnaire page!
This page is used to help me in matching you, and your family with the right puppy,  ( I know...I know...But it's required, I don't like surveys either!) I need a little more information about what you are looking for in a new family member,  Pet/Companion or Show prospect.
Please, only fill out this form if you are interested in a puppy we currently have on our website, or want to be placed on our waiting list for a puppy!! 
If you have any questions, would like some more information, or would like to contact us for any other reason, please E-mail us at the link below!
Please check back often for updates!
1. What Size Poodle are you looking for?
2. Are you looking for a Pet/Companion or Breeding/Show puppy?

3. What weight at maturity are you seeking?
Please note:
We do not guarantee  the size of our puppies. We give you the best educated guess, as to how big the puppies will be at maturity, environmental, and feeding practices may vary weights slightly.
4. What is your first Color choice?
5. What is your 2nd Color choice?
6. What SEX are you most interested in?
Please review our personal thoughts on Male Vs. Females CLICK HERE!
7. What AGE are you looking for?
Please note: We will not ship very tiny babies until 10-12 weeks of age.
8. What Temperament are you looking for?
9. Do you have Children?
If YES, Please describe the ages, and maturity level (if your children are very young) of your children?

10. Which Available puppy are you most interested in?
11. Would you like to be contacted about upcoming puppies?
12. Do you have other pets?
If YES, Please describe what kind of pet, Breed, and age.
If you are a Breeder, please explain what Breeds, and how many dogs per Breed you currently own.

13. Have you owned a Poodle before?
If YES, Please describe what kind of Poodle, and age. And if you still own it currently. If not, why you no longer have the dog.

13. Do you have a fenced yard?
14. Where will the puppy get excersized?
15. Where will your puppy live?
16. Do you know Poodles need regular Grooming and haircuts?
Poodles need trimmed every 3-4 weeks, and bathed  at minimum bi weekly.
17. Is there anything you would like to add, a story to tell us about one of your dogs?
18. What is your Full name?
19. What is your email address?
20. What is your mailing address?
Complete Street, City, State,  & Zip please!
21. What is your Phone Number?
Area code first please!
22. Have we spoken by Phone previously?
If yes, Please Explain, and when contact was made.
23. Have we spoken by Email previously?
If yes, Please Explain, and when contact was made.
24. Do you plan to pick up the puppy, or ship by Ground or Air?

25. What Larger Airport is within driving distance to your home?
Please list any and all airports you would be willing to travel to, to pick up your puppy.

26. Please list your current, or previously used Veterinarian, and the Clinic's phone number.
27. Please list (2) friends, family, neighbors or personal references we may contact for information.
Please be sure these people know we may be contacting them!

Ref. # 1
Ref. # 2
Thank you for Submitting a Puppy Questionnaire!
This allows us to properly place our puppies in the best homes.
We will do our best to answer your submission in a timely manner.  However, we sometimes get an overload of inquiries, and cannot contact everyone, each time we have a puppy available. If you are serious about purchasing a puppy from us, please contact us by PHONE at (563) 927-6106 or CELL (319) 241-2433 between 3 PM-10 PM CST, as those families will be contacted FIRST when a puppy, or litter becomes available.
All adopting families must fill out this Questionnaire before being considered for a puppy. Please check back with us periodically to see what we have available, or coming soon!
Copyright 2001-2004 by Shandilyn Cockers. All rights reserved. 

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This page was last updated on: August 2, 2012