My Story- Tactic For Earn Currencies

In the digital world games are the necessary part of every human life. Every person is like to play different types of game. So today I will tell you best simulation game My Story. The game is developed by Episode Interactive. The game is available on IOS and Android both devices. All things are available for free, but some items are purchasable. It is the best opportunity for a story lover. The diamonds and gems are the currencies of game. The game is installing by 50,000,000+ people all over the world on Android devices. Many types of events and missions are available which make this game so popular.

How To Get Free Currencies-

The gems and diamonds are the essential currencies of game. For earning the currencies very hard but many ways are available in the game. These all tips prove better to receive the currencies. Follow all tips for earn the coins or by getting My Story Cheats.

1.    Events And Activates-

It is the best way to earn free currency. Via participates in the events and activates you will earn the currencies. From participate you are able to obtain diamonds and gems as the rewards. Many contests are organized by company and players also take part in the events. To participate in the events, you must be required best story and dress. So it is the easiest way to earn the currency free.

1.    Play Tasks-

It is the best part of the game. The tasks are also another way to earn free currencies. At the time of play, many tasks are assigned by the company. In these, all tasks many specifics activates are available for playing the game. When you complete the tasks, then you will receive rewards. So the player must require completing these tasks as fast as possible. So it is also another best way to gain free coins.

1.    Information About Events-

You know very well the social sites are useful for connective with each person. The company also connects with their player via the social site. At their pages, they will give you information related to events and contest. So like the page of the game on social site.

Go With 4 Smart Tricks to Become a Pro Player in Bingo Blitz

Youths are crazy about online games, and the internet has different options for that. Today one of the top viral games is the Bingo Blitz. The game is all about a board game and in which the player will get the chance to explore the beautiful world locations. There are lots of new thing and items for enjoyment. The players have to collect some different cards for unlocking the new locations. Most of the players are struggling for currency, but we can use the Bingo Blitz Cheats for it. This cheats is not taking much time for it and gives desired results.

In the beginning, anyone is not perfect so we should go with the right guides and tools. In this article, we are sharing some kinds of tricks to make you master in the gameplay.

Smart in controls

The game comes with handy controls, so the players have to understand the working of them. Learn all about them and get started with some kinds of defaults settings. Add multiple features by updating the game regularly.

Spin the lucky wheel

One lucky wheel is located in the gameplay, and you have to know the proper timing for it. Spin the wheel for getting additional things and rewards for playing in various locations. The players can maximize the currency amount by it.

Compete in tournaments

Huge numbers of online tournaments are going there, and you have to be skilled for playing against worldwide players. You will get more ways for wining, and such tournaments are beneficial for new items.

Know about the jackpots

The individual can also get more amount of currency by the jackpots. They are good for leveling up in the game, and the user goes for the Bingo Blitz Cheats for unlocking several jackpots.

South Park Phone Destroyer – An Informative Guide To Know!

When it comes to a perfect role-playing game, then only a single name comes to the mind i.e. South Park Phone Destroyer Mod. It is launched shortly by Com2uS and aims to provide a totally unique gaming experience by giving extra ordinary feature to the players. Not only is this, the game also provide an amazing gameplay by which gamers need to know and then play the game. There are lots of objectives, events, currencies, rewards, characters and many more things present which players have to know first before start playing.

Classic features of the game

Below are some main features of South Park Phone Destroyer Mod which all gamers should know and then play the game to make progress.

  • The game offers an in-app purchases feature by which gamers purchase all essential things using real-life money.
  • There are almost more than 1000 monsters in the game which gamers have to select and then play the game accordingly.
  • Almost 21 runes present in the game in which gamers have to play accordingly.

All these are the main features of South Park Phone Destroyer Mod which make the game successful and more attractive than all other role-playing games. If gamers learn features properly, it becomes easy for them to making progress in South Park Phone Destroyer Mod

Earn more crystals

It is very important aspect for the gamers. They have to try their best to earn more and more crystals in the game to complete all essential tasks or activities. Another main thing is that, gamers easily currency by using hacks or cheats.

Yes, by applying the cheats or hacks in a perfect way, gamers get everything which is present in the game without playing and in good amount also. If they don’t know about usage of hacks or cheats, then they only have to make use of the reviews which are present online related to South Park Phone Destroyer Mod.

Attractive 5 Features of The Simpsons Tapped Out

It is crucial for all players that they need to learn all the features before start playing The Simpsons Tapped Out. Therefore, here in the post gamers are provided with 5 classic features of the game which they have to understand first and then start playing the game in a perfect way. 

Before the same, they should know that The Simpsons Tapped Out provides an easy gameplay which consist an easy gameplay. The most important thing for all gamers is that they must know they are free to use The Simpsons Tapped Out Cheats. With these two options, players get all things such as currency, rewards and many more things as well.

Top 5 features of the game

Present below are the main 5 features of The Simpsons Tapped Out. Gamers need to know them and then start playing the game to make quick progress.

  1. Players are provided with lots of missions and levels which they have to complete.
  2. Also, in The Simpsons Tapped Out there are numerous events, challenges and objectives present.
  3. The game includes two main forms of currency that are Pizza & Nixonbucks.
  4. The game deals in full HD graphics with better sound quality.
  5. In it, there are lots of heroes and playing characters as well which gamers should choose to go ahead.

Therefore, all these are the best 5 The Simpsons Tapped Out features which make the game impressive among all others. If gamers play the particular game by knowing all these features mentioned-above, then they simply become able to go ahead without facing any problem. Also, as mentioned above about the hacks and cheats, so gamers need to make full use of these options as to get all things easily.

Basic Information to know about Love Nikki

Love Nikki is the most popular and trending game these days. It is the most playable game among all simulation based game which is created by Pixelberry. The main motto of the game is to provide the best gaming experience to the users. As the game consist various types of in-game currency, so it is important for the users to earn it in enough amounts with Love Nikki Cheats.

The game contains various types of interesting and exciting events. Users need to take entry in more and more events and complete them properly on time. It helps them to earn a good amount of currency in the form of diamonds and keys. One should participate in almost every single event which is provided by the game. Every week their some new events added to the game.

Types of stories

The game contains more than over 1000 different interesting and classic stories which the users need to complete. The gamers have to complete more numbers of stories in order to go far in Love Nikki. There are various types of stories in the game which are given below-


One should each and every single thing about the game and its stories to progress more in it. By knowing all the basic things, it helps the users to play properly and accurately. One should read and complete more and more stories and chapters in the game.

Final words

Love Nikki is the top-grossing game nowadays. Users are free to play the game, and its size is almost 93 MB. To play the game without facing many troubles, one needs to earn a sufficient amount of keys and diamonds in it.

A Complete Guide About MLB Tap Sports Baseball 2020

If you are facing some issues while playing the MLB Tap Sports Baseball 2020 due to lack of knowledge about the game, then you don’t need to worry. All you should do is to check out some online guides or the basic tips provided by the experienced players. With the help of using all these tips, players can easily understand the core concept of the game and also come to know about the gameplay. According to the game enthusiasts, the game has all the amazing features which most of the gamers are looking for. You should also check out these features to know all about the game.

How to earn gold?

You can see that earning gold in the game is not a piece of cake. Most of the players are trying to earn more and more gold with MLB Tap Sports Baseball 2020 hack which is an easy task. If you also want to earn gold, then it is important to focus on playing the game properly. Many players are also acquiring the gold by spending their real life money. If you are unable to afford it, then you should use some beneficial tips and tricks. Players can also earn gold by watching the advertisement videos available in the game. Well, the game is also offering some other opportunities for the players to avail gold.

More facts to know

There is a complete list of the various offers that players can complete in order to get gold in the form of rewards. Players should complete these offers wisely, and then they can easily get the sufficient amount of gold to load their game account. Players should also try to collect the other resources of the game which they can do by linking the game with Facebook.

3 Amazing Characters That Came In New Update Of Marvel: Future Fight

If you are a big fan of Marvel movies then must get happy after hearing about the game which is totally based on the Marvel’s movies called Marvel: Future Fight. If you think that you will get all the characters or not then its answer would be yes so getting ready for taking the best characters of the game like Ironman, Dr. Strange as well as the Thor.

However, after watching the Marvel’s movie called Avenger Endgame, people are expecting to find the new characters such as Thanos so they will get happy after seeing them in the Marvel: Future Fight. Not only this, Marvel Future Fight Hack will become your most important source for the players because it helps them to attain free gold and crystals. In this article, I am going to explain the new characters of the Marvel: Future Fight.

New characters Of Marvel: Future Fight

Only smart people understand the use of Marvel Future Fight Hack because they already have attained endless funds from it and used it on the characters. Here are the examples of the Marvel: Future Fight new characters-

Thanos – No doubt, the Thanos is an already old character, but still after releasing the Endgame, every Marvel Fan wants to see this character in this game as well. Therefore, you will definitely find it into the game.

Captain Marvel – Captain Marvel is also a great character that you find after update the game. She is a really powerful superhero, but don’t forget to upgrade her powers. Otherwise, you may get defeated by other opponents.

Ant-Man – Players will really love to use the tiny Ant-Man in the game that is really amazing so it would be really supportive in the game to make him your team member.

Moving further, once you update new version of the “Marvel: Future Fight” game then you will find all these characters along with other more characters like Thor, Spider, and the Hulk.

My Home – Choice Of Smart Players

My Home – Design Dreams is a very popular casual video game in which players get the chance to play the game. Therefore, simply start playing the game in which players get huge chances to begin a great player. You will get the chance to decorate your dream house in the game along with lots of decoration for free. Players are going to become a home makeover and interior designing master. In the game, it is quite complicated for the players to earn the currencies so thanks to the My Home Design Dreams Hack 2020 that gives the desired amount of currencies with ease.

What makes this gameplay more enjoyable?

You will find a combination of match-3 puzzles plus home decorating gameplay that would be really attractive. By clicking to the decorate your room! Design houses or rooms for making it impressive. In addition to this, a lot of exciting match-3 levels await. Coins are considered as the most crucial currencies of the game, which is possible to attain by using the My Home Hack 2019, which is the most genuine source. Read the reviews online in order to grab more facts about the game.


Game includes the coins which are considered as the most useful currencies of the game so simply take its advantages. Whether you are going playing the game, then you will get the chance to earn more and more currencies. Nevertheless, you can easily check out the tips and tricks for being the best player in the game. Once you start playing the game, then it will automatically give you lots of great features that will make you happy. 

Team battles, character upgrade and many more things in Arena of Valor

 Arena of Valor game allows the player to show his or her talent of war. Not only the game starts with joining team of at least five players to knock down the foes but also player can also upgrade his characters. Player of the game forms a team or joins the team of different characters of the game to mitigate the enemies by finding them out.

When it comes to the neophyte of the game then there is no need to be worry about as there is Arena of Valor Hack 2020 available to use and generate more game currency in crucial time.

Free of cost to play

The game has several versions to play for free of cost. Also player is able to generate resources with arena of Valor battle game.

Easy to handle and control

The game of Arena of Valor is easy to handle and control that a new player can also play it and have expertise with the advancement of game.

Intense PVP Battles and Single player campaign

The game of Arena of Valor provides the player variety to play this game. Single player campaign earns higher rewards for the player whereas intense PVP battles test skills of the player. 1 on 1, 3 on 3 and 5v5 matches against other players can also be played.

Character upgrade and playable characters

The game has Warriors, supports, Assassins, Marksmen, Tanks and Mages races to play as well as more than 40 playable characters. Player is also able to upgrade them time to time. That is possible only by earning experience points of the game. The number of battles played by the player the more rewards and experience cards can be earned. Do not forget the function of Arena of Valor Hack 2020 to be used.

Merge Magics – Let’s Reveal the Mystery!


Well, among all puzzle games, one of the best most popular is Merge Magic. Gram Games Limited creates it, and its size is almost 94 MB. It is the best puzzle game, and in it, players have to match and solve puzzles to go further in it. The players of Merge Magics also experience the best puzzle gaming experience as it provides more than over 500 different objects in the game. Another crucial thing about the game is that in it, players are provided with in-app purchases.

In-app purchases are the best option to deal with. With the help of it, you can buy anything, which is present in the game by your real-life money. Not only is this, but you can also make use of Merge Magic Cheats to play the game according to your choice and comfort level. Players can easily earn a good amount of gems and coins by cheats; they can unlock the various level and puzzles by using cheats and many more tasks also.

Spend the hard-earned in-game currency carefully

It means that in Merge Magics, you need to do more focus on the in-game currency that you earned. The in-game currency, which you earn by fair methods like by playing the game and by completing different puzzles, must be spent wisely. Players should only spend the earned in-game currency on useful things or on the things, which are more important to them. It is the best method to go far in Merge Magics and by saving a good amount of currency in Merge Magics.


Briefly, playing Merge Magics is an easier process but going far in it is a little difficult task to deal with. One needs to understand all the basic things about it. For going far in the game without putting efforts, one needs to make use of Merge Magics Cheats.